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Friendly Spit

Full movie length: 31 minutes Production date: Jan 10, 2019 Full movie price: US$ 11.99 Nadia | Lu | Darlene Pack with: 1 clips
Description Movie

These three friends are exhausted after working out a lot. They are resting and chatting about it, when Nadia suggests a different little game to cheer the day. She won’t say what exactly is, she will just do and she knows her friends will like it. Nadia kisses Darlene and asks Lu to spit on them: their little play starts and it’s a spitting party. Just like they already knew how good it is and how to do it, Lu and Darlene enjoy every second, loving Nadia’s suggestion. They take turns on kissing and spitting on it, besides making the sticky and white liquid run through each others body, while they make one another feel hornier at every second that goes by. What a great suggestion, huh?

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